HP Designjet Color 3D Printer (CQ655A)

HP Designjet Color 3D Printer

The HP Designjet 3D Printing Series brings quality 3D printing right into your office. This range of 3D printers enables the creation of precise, durable plastic models that enable you to evaluate form, fit, and function right at your desk.

These 3D printers produce high quality models and prototypes that are true to your original design and get a fast return on Investment thanks to a compelling acquisition price with low operating cost.

HP Designjet Color 3D Printer Color Supplies

Experience 3D printing as it should be - reap the time-to-market benefits of workgroup 3D printing while keeping control of your valuable design ideas in house.

Workgroup 3D printing right next to your desk
With the HP 3D printing series you can produce quality models and prototypes in the convenience of your own office environment. The HP Designjet 3D fits right next to your desk for easy model access and can be networked for easy workgroup sharing.
The HP Designjet 3D printers use ABS plastic which is strong, stable and recyclable Models are ready to handle directly from the printer
The 3D printers from HP are incredibly intuitive and easy to use. There’s no need to spend a lot of time training or operating, so you can spend more time working on your design
3D printing doesn’t have to be a messy or painstaking process. The HP Designjet 3D Removal System eliminates the need for manual post-processing so you can easily create models that are ready to use while you and your office stay clean.
Exceptional model quality
Achieve high-quality results using HP Designjet 3D ABS materials. Print parts and assemblies to produce models and prototypes with moving parts that meet your demands in terms of form, fit and function.
HP 3D printers create precise models that have a high level of detail and are faithful to your original design.
Quality 3D printing that saves you money
Providing compelling value, HP Designjet 3D printers are among the lowest cost in their class and offer high part quality at a competitive price.
3D printers from HP are intuitive and easy to use; models are post-processed automatically; and you don’t need a dedicated expert to operate, all of which can help save you money.
By printing just 5 to 10 models per month on an HP Designjet 3D the printer nearly pays for itself compared with outsourcing. If your 3D printed model allows you to identify just one critical error before tooling, it can potentially save you thousands of pounds.
Bigger, Faster, Colourful
Print larger models or more models in a job. The HP Designjet Color 3D printer has a 33% larger build area than the HP Designjet 3D Printer.
Print up to 30% faster than the HP Designjet 3D Printer Two print modes allow you to print thicker layers for those occasions in which you don’t need the highest resolution.
Choose from eight different and vibrant colours to create your models to increase the impact of your design when you use the HP Designjet Color 3D Printer.

HP Designjet 3D Removal System (CQ658A)

HP Designjet 3D Removal System

The HP Designjet 3D Removal System partners with the HP Designjet 3D printer to remove supports from your models automatically. The solution is designed to be used in an office environment, thus special disposal methods or equipment are not typically required. A fully enclosed detergent is utilised in the HP Designjet 3D Support Removal Powder Kit so you can handle it without gloves.

The HP Designjet 3D Removal System removes the supports from your models automatically without creating a mess and saving you time making it an ideal solution for the office environment

HP Designjet 3D Specification

Build size (w x d x h) 203 x 203 x 152 mm (8 x 8 x 6 in)
Layer thickness 0.01 in (0.254 mm) and 0.013 in (0.33 mm)
Automated support removal Yes, using the HP Designjet 3D Removal System
Printing material
Model material ABS plastic
Model material colours 8 (ivory, black, red, olive green, nectarine, fluorescent yellow, blue, gray)
Support material Soluble material, automatically removed by HP Designjet 3D Removal System
Spool size 655 cm3 (40 in3)
Material bays 1 or 2 (second material bay is optional, for longer unattended print jobs)
Software details
Software features Automatic real-time support structure generation with SMART supports (minimizes the amount of support material used, reduces the build time, and improves support removal time for many parts); auto-orientation which determines the best orientation for your model for the fastest build time and least material usage; model density options (Solid, Sparse High Density, Sparse Low Density)
Workstation compatibility Microsoft® Windows® 7, Windows Vista®, Windows® XP
Network connectivity
Fast Ethernet (10/100Base-T)
Dimensions (w x d x h)
Printer 762 x 660 x 660 mm (30 x 26 x 26 in)
Removal System 430.3 x 483.3 x 431.3 (17 x 18 x 17 in)

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